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Three National Key Scientific Projects


Thirty-Four patents have been granted in USA, EU, China and other countries


The company has filed about one hundred patent applications in worldwide

Suzhou Zelgen Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Zelgen) was founded in 2009 and locates in the Kunshan New and High-Tech National District (KSND) in Jiangsu Province. Zelgen owns two subsidiary companies, Shanghai Zelgen Pharma-Tech Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Zelgen Biosciences Co., Ltd. Zelgen is committed itself to the innovation, R&D, manufacture and sales of new medications. The goal of Zelgen is to become one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in China for the treatments of cancer, hematologic diseases, etc. The business strategy of Zelgen is to focus on the domestic market and to fulfill the unmet medical needs through development of high quality, safe, efficacious and affordable new medications in China.

A strong product pipeline will be crucial for the success of the company. With the extensive expertise and experience in new drug research and development, Zelgen has successfully built up two core technology platforms: the medicinal chemistry based small molecule R&D platform and the eukaryotic cell based recombinant protein R&D platform. Based on the two platforms, the company has been developing a series of new drugs that are proven safe , efficacious and in line with the global drug R&D. Potential market of these drugs may reach several billions of RMB. 

Zelgen has been granted with three National Key Scientific Projects, one National Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-size Technology-based Firms, and several Science and Technology Projects of Jiangsu Province. The company has filed about one hundred patent applications in worldwide, and so far thirty-four patents have been granted in USA, EU, China and other countries.

Zelgen has two research centers located in Kunshan and Shanghai Zhangjiang Drug Valley, respectively. Furthermore, Zelgen has built two manufacture facilities in Kunshan for small molecule and protein drugs, in compliance with cGMP guidance. These facilities ensure that Zelgen has more flexible manufacturing capacity, cost-control effectiveness and competitive advantages.